19 Month Check In

May was a fun month of getting out in the warmer Spring/Summer like weather, a few outings, new toys and being even more adventurous and curious!

The “highlight” this month at home was putt a train table, which I bought on discount months ago, into the living room. Zoe and Zeke absolutely love it and they spend about 75% of their play time playing on, near, on top of, with, underneath and around it.

Currently, they like to put lots of things on it, bang, set, stand, dance and talk on top of it. They don’t use the trains and tracks for what they’re meant/built, but that’s normal for this age. It will be neat to see their transition/development as they start to understand more what their little trains do, and eventually develop the manual dexterity to put the tracks together and use them appropriately as little roads for the trains.


As with April, we were still able to do some wagon walks, but a lot less. Due to the sun and higher temperatures, it was just too hot to go out in the afternoons as had been the best time. In one picture, you can see me spraying the twins with a little water bottle. It was a hot day and I made sure I cooled them off regularly. They loved it!

However, I did take them a few times in the mornings this month when it was a bit cooler. Nevertheless, I usually was able to take them on an “Apartment Walk” each weekday morning though (unless we had an outing, event, appointment, playdate or grocery trip we needed to go on). Zeke still LOVES running around in the basketball court, and also standing up on the bench (don’t worry, I’m right there spotting him!)

And more basketball court play. They found an empty water bottle which is the kind Zeke loves (super crinkly). After I washed it off the best I could under the drinking fountain, I gave it to them to play with. Indeed, they had so much fun!

Here’s a little video showing how strong Zeke and Zoe are at throwing the stones/rocks.(sorry about the sideways camerawork. I had my settings off)…

And here are the twins happily playing and figuring out a number puzzle…

I attended the 1st birthday party for one of my BBMoM friend’s. Ashley’s adorable twin girls Scarlet and Serenity had a ton of fun opening their presents! I had a lovely time getting to know others and also keeping Zoe and Zeke out of trouble! Ha!

B-Day 3

Below are some pictures of Zoe and Zeke enjoying their new Train Table! This whole month they’ve been having fun playing on and with it. They don’t quite understand how to put the tracks together, or how to move the train/cars along the track, but I know that’s coming up!


For the first date night of the month, I went to Carl’s Junior to try out the new “Beyond Burger” vegan non-meat burger. It was quite delicious. Tastes a lot like beef, with a slight texture difference. Then, I went and saw the movie “Tolkien.” It was a good movie and great acting.

Here’s a cute little video of Zeke pushing the double stroller all by himself. But what you don’t see here is what they both did before and after I took this shot. They were both pushing the stroller together very well…and after this video, Zoe entirely took over pushing the stroller by herself. Perhaps they are mimicing mama?

Mother’s Day was nice. I took the kid’s to church. I particularly loved how how all the kids sing all the worship songs. They all wore t-shirts that said “I Heart (Love) Mom.” The kids also put on a cute skit that had us all laughing, and a bit teary too.



Our awesome babysitter, Ciara, made this lovely collage and sent it to me first thign in the morning. I loved it so much I posted it to Facebook!


For the rest of the day, I enjoyed hanging out with the kiddos at home, taking it easy. I took them on a wagon walk in the late afternoon and had lots of snuggle and tickle time.

Here are my little pipsqueaks eating! We have a lot of fun around here at mealtime!


And then I was so proud of the twins when they ate salad for the first time. I knew this from other Moms, but just had not implemented it yet. The trick is dowsing the salad in Ranch Dressing. Zoe Loves it!


And exciting thing that occurred this month was that Zeke officially graduated from his DocBand helmet! Yay!


Here is a little clip I took at the twins’ 18-Month regular check-up. They  immediately went into the waiting room, pulled out a little chair, sat in it, and started playing with the latch toy (we don’t have one of these at home, so they just figured it out!)


In mid-May, I decided to start letting the twins go to a daycare/preschool center for just 1 day a week. I don’t want to do much more for awhile, as I love to spend my days with them. (Also, it can get expensive for two kiddos). But I realized that I wanted to have 1 day a week where I can run errands, make phone calls, do shopping, pay bills and maybe even have a bit of “me” time (take a nap!!) without having to also tend to the kiddos. Not just that, but I know there are benefits to attending a daycare/preschool such as increased opportunity for socializing, opening up to new foods/beverages and better eating habits, new/interesting toys and creative play ideas. As well, the center I found has an educational curriculum that helps prepare toddlers and Pre-K kids for Kindergarten. I found a great local preschool and Zoe and Zeke had their very first day on Thursday May 16th! I dropped them off at 8:30 AM. According to their teacher, Zoe and Zeke did great! They played a lot, didn’t cry, ate fairly well (they are currently extremely picky with food) and overall had fun. When I came to pick them up at 5:00 PM, Zeke was engaged in reading a book and Zoe was playing with another child.

This picture isn’t of them playing, but after I picked up up and we were waiting in the lobby for the teacher to find their sippy cups that got lost. Ha! Zeke just wanted to snuggle with me, and Zoe was all about playing with my keys.

But I was able to receive some photos that the daycare takes of the kids each time they are there. It think it’s a great benefit it offers…a little piece of what happens when we aren’t there…

Here is a little video of Zoe and Zeke in the basketball court frolicking and running after a ball. They have so much fun each day playing around in there!

On a “me date” I decided to get myself a simple but delicious lunch. I bought an In-and-Out burger which hit the spot!

Mid-May I went to my Busy Bees Mom’s of Multiples (BBMOM) General Meeting. It was really good and totally unlike regular meetings. The two Emily’s (co-presidents) did an excellent job. The whole room was filled with tables lined with lovely tablecloth. At each table was a different craft. There were 3 long tables and at each: 1.) Make a sugar body scrub (ingredients on the table). 2.) Make a little planted flower pot. That table was wonderful: Pots, markers, packets of flower seeds (I chose a Zinnia) 3.) Make/Color/Draw a word or design on a rock. Overall it was a ton of fun. The best part was being able to talk with some fellow mamas more in-depth!

More pictures of the kiddos eating a meal. They had a little taste of Mama’s chocolate protein bar, which as you can see, Zoe loved!

And after playing…

In the basketball court again!

And we took an improptu trip to Arizona Mills Mall to play a bit in the Playplace. They loved it! You can’t see it in these pictures (since I couldn’t take any while still spotting each twin), but they both ended up climbing both the step structure and the little slide! Never under-estimate the will and strength of a toddler! 🙂

And in their PJ’s playing a bit before beddie…

A few days later, we visited Chandler Fashion Mall so that the twins could spend more time playing. They had a blast and I was completely impressed with how both Zoe and Zeke could easily navigate and climb the stairs AND the slide itself. They had a blast and slept like champs when we returned home!

And….we went to AZ Mills Mall again spontaneously one morning for some playing…

And the twins are starting to work/figure out puzzles a bit more…

And even more playing on Memorial Day…both in the basketball court…

And again at the mall…

Out shopping with mama!

On Wednesday May 29th, I visited Kim, a friend I met while I was still pregnant. We both had our twins the same month, so they are the same age. William and Emerlyn are growing up, just like Zoe and Zeke. It was great to spend time with Kim and chat while the kiddos played together in the playplace at our local mall. Well…maybe we were both chasing after our kids more than chat, but we then spent some solid time walking and catching up while the kids enjoyed the sights in the stroller. We need to do this more often.

* * * * * * * *

Looking forward to another month of growing, developing, fun activities, events, outings and character building!

4 thoughts on “19 Month Check In

  1. Wonderful to hear all the many activities Zoe and Zeke are involved in. They look so healthy and happy. Cannot wait to see them soon! Also great to learn of the activities you do for yourself too, Amy. I’m glad all of you are doing well. Mike, Amy, Zoe and Zeke–Many Blessing and Lots of Love to All,


  2. Thank you! Yes, the twins are doing well! Yes, as for me, I’m trying to stay active in my club, church and get out each day. Can”t wait to see you soon, too! Lots of Love!


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