Pregnancy Update: 2nd Trimester – Week 26

It’s time for your weekly pregnancy update! At 26 weeks pregnant, I am 5 months and about 3 weeks pregnant. I’m making my way through the 6th month of pregnancy!

Week 26 Main

Week 26 Profile

Our babies are as big as a head of kale! Our 26-week babies measure about 14 weeks and weighs about 1.7 pounds. They are developing senses, features, and even talents! Wow!


*Two more weeks in the 2nd Trimester! Some mark the beginning of the 3rd Trimester as Week 27, while some make you wait until Week 28. The end of the 2nd Trimester also marks the end of the so-called “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy, as the final 3 months I’ve heard can get awfully uncomfortable. Back and joint pain, swollen ankles, restless nights and Braxton-Hicks contractions. So, I’m enjoying every (less uncomfortable) moment I can here in 2nd Trimester.

Babies’s Eyes Open. Look who’s looking with those peepers! It’s our babies! Their eyes have been closed for the past few months so that the retina, the part of the eye that allows images to come into focus, could develop. But now, our twins’ eyes are beginning to open this week. That means our babies are able to see what’s going on now, though unfortunately the view in my womb isn’t all that exciting. However, I’ve read to try this trick at home for kicks: Shine a flashlight at my stomach. Apparently, our little peanuts might kick in response. I’ll experiment and report back next week! Here’s more about babies eyes: Right now, the iris, which is the colored part of the eye, still doesn’t have much pigmentation. That’ll fill in over the next month or two. So, it is too early to start guessing each of our little one’s eye color. And, as I’ve read, ALL babies are ALL born with blue eyes. They eventually change to their permanent eye color between 6-9 months of age.

Brain-Wave Activity Kicks In. Our babies brain-wave activity is gearing up at this stage in fetal development, which means our little ones not only can hear noises, but they can now also respond to them. Of course, they don’t respond in words, but rather their pulse rate will increase or they’ll kick or move.

Senses. At this point, all five senses are fully developed in both babies.

Immune System. Our babies getting their immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up my antibodies.

Week 26 FetusSource

Protruding Navel. At 26 weeks pregnant, I’m about 2/3 the way through my pregnancy and my uterus is about 2 1/2 inches above my belly button. Speaking of my navel, it’s taken on a life of its own. My belly-button is “larger-than-life life.” My former innie has been an outie for weeks. You can see it’s “popped” when I wear tight clothes!

Here’s how and why “outie’s” happen: Beginning somewhere around the middle to end of my 2nd Trimester, my enlarging uterus swelled enough to push my abdomen forward, which made my navel pop out like a timer on a well-done turkey (even though I have a way to go before our babies are “well done”). My belly button should revert back to its regular position a few months after delivery, though I’ve read it may have a stretched-out, “lived in” look. Until then, I’m looking at the bright side: It gives me a chance to clean out all the lint that’s accumulated there since I was a child. Ha

Kicks In the Gut. Sometimes I feel like I’m carrying 2 Karate Kids with all the kicking going on. Our babies are actually practicing all kinds of movements that will eventually be used in life on the outside. One of these movements is pedaling against my belly, which is sort of a pre-walking skill. As our babies nervous system becomes more developed, fetal movements will become much more coordinated. As they get bigger and stronger, those movements will become much more powerful, and occasionally, even painful. That’s okay though. I’d rather feel them knowing the babies are doing well. Feeling nothing is scary. It makes me wonder if they are doing okay in the womb.

Higher Blood Pressure. I’ve noticed my heart beating faster, and I took a BP test at Walmart the other day. It’s slightly rising a bit, but I still have pretty low BP in general. Always have. Doctor even said it’s “lower than average.” But for ME, it was slightly elevated. I learned this boost in blood pressure is normal at 26 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy Brain. It is getting tricky to remember stuff. I normally have a great memory and am swift and fast to the draw. But lately, I’ve been a sluggard mentally. I’ve learned this is a common physiological symptom of hormone fluctuations.

• Trouble sleeping.
• More irritable.
• Headaches.
• Constipation.
• Painful Sciatica and lower back pains.

* * * * * * * *

Food Aversions:
Mostly every raw or cooked vegetables (my husband has to eat them all), except cucumbers or tomatoes. Also, spices, herbs, tea, certain protein bars cause me to gag.

Food Cravings:
Still loving: PB & J and banana slices, English Muffins, Starburst Jelly Beans, Greek Yogurt, Pickles, Ice-Cream, Eggs & Toast, Bagels, Watermelon, Honeydew.

New:  This past weekend, we ate at Kneaders for breakfast. We both had the Greek Omelet (eggs, feta cheese, spinach, onions) with the bakery/restaurant’s amazing buttered wheat toast and orange slices. Since then, I’ve been loving/craving Kneaders. I went back and bought two slices of their Coffee Cake, and 1 Lemon Muffin, the muffin which I shared with Mike because they are both huge!

Kneaders Greek Omelet

As a “playful” cereal, I bought a box of Frosted Toast Crunch last Saturday. I know they’ve been around for a few years now, but finally tried it out. SO good! Normally, I try to get a “balance” of good protein, carbs + fat at breakfast, but sometimes you just have to indulge your sweet tooth if you feel like it.

frosted cinn toast crunchSource

I also have been loving overnight oats topped with bananas and cashews (I love this nut right now)!

overnight oats with cashewsSource

I also have been loving manilla mangos found at the grocery store right now. They are about the half the size of a normal mango, just as sweet, and their seed is much smaller than it’s big counterpart. Great to put in lunches or have with breakfast.

manilla mangosSource

I’ve been sleeping “okay”…same with my afternoon nap, too.

Fun Exciting, & Weird Stuff From the Week?
Not too much as per exciting things this past week. It was fairly pleasant and lovely. MY sciatica is easing up a little, so that’s good.


Oh, I had my 3rd Trimester (even though I’m not officially there, yet), blood-work taken. Hopefully all is well with my stats. Also, it’s supposed to test to see whether I have gestational diabetes or not. I hope not. I eat fairly healthy, even though I DO eat a moderate amount of sugar (treats are important for the emotions/spirit). I’ll find out the results late next week.

blood drawSource

Looking Forward To…
Getting into my 3rd Trimester (the further I get, the more the babies grow and develop!)…and especially hopefully going to 37-38 weeks before giving birth!!

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases?
I only purchased one baby/pregnancy related item this past week. I’d heard of Little Remedies Tummy Relief Drops from a forum I frequently read. The moms-to-be and former moms both discussed how these are supposed to help babies with gas.

Gas drops

Secondly, I bought 2 food items for my own pleasure. I’ve also been craving a package of KRAVE beef jerky and also Quest bars, which I’ve loved for years. I chose the Banana Nut Muffin flavor this time because I’ve actually never tried it and it sounded so good! They do not disappoint! By the way, the Krave jerky is definitely worth trying!!


Stretch Marks?
Nope. Not really. Just two really light ones. Grateful that my mom didn’t have them when she was pregnant. I’ve learned it’s genetic, so I won’t have them.

Weight Gain:
I’ve gained, but I really need to gain a lot more weight. My hope is that from now on through 3rd Trimester, I’ll really pack on the l-b’s. I’m trying to step-it-up, but the twins seem to take absolutely everything from me (which I actually WANT them to). Takes a lot of energy growing two humans!

Still walking in the mornings (sllowwly), and swimming in my afternoons!

Belly Button In Or Out?
It’s been an outie now since my 12th/13th Week. I actually think it looks cute!

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time?
Very, very happy still! Sometimes I get emotional now. I think it’s just the hormones. Overall, though, I’m still just so grateful that God blessed us with me getting pregnant.

Any Movement?
Yes! Babies are moving a lot! Kick, dance, wiggle, and also flip around sometimes! I LOVE when they move. It brings me great assurance that they are doing okay in my womb, and also my hubby loves feeling them.

* * * * * * * * *


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