Week 25 Ultrasound/Check-Up

I had my 25 Week Check-Up last Thursday August 3rd. It was a “quick” check-up and the technician didn’t take a whole lot of photos. The primary purpose was to measure my amniotic fluid, check each baby’s fetal heart rates, and just get an overall view of how they are doing.

Baby Girl ABaby Girl A was head-down and turned to the back of me (her face was to my back). She likes to hang out on the right side of my body, to the side of my belly button. That’s where I feel her kicks. She’s a little wiggler and dancer. She was all cuddled up, so we weren’t able to get a 3D/4D picture of her face. Her heart rate was good at 141 and amniotic fluid is good/average at 6.2 cm.

Twin A-1

Twin A-2

Twin A-3

Twin A-4

Twin A-5

Baby Boy BBaby Boy B was Breech Right (lying horizontal at the top part of my uterus, above my belly button. He is also a wiggler, but he seems to be a more serene, calm, and a chill baby.” He had his arm over his face, but fortunately moved it so the technician was able to get one 3D/4D picture of him. Doesn’t he look at peace? His heart rate was also good at 153 and amniotic fluid is also good/average at 6.8 cm.

Twin B-1

Twin B-2

TWin B-3

Twin B-4

Twin B-5

Twin B-6

*Next Up: I have an echocardiogram along with a regular ultrasound/check-up on Thursday August 17th. During the echo, the technician will do several tests to check-out each baby’s hearts. Let us pray that each twin has a strong, well-developing, clean and excellent heart!

* * * * * * * * *


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