23 Week Ultrasound Update

On Thursday July 20th, I went in for my 23 Week ultrasound and check-up. Both babies are doing great and on-target for measurements and weight for 23 weeks.

Baby Boy B

They are both measuring around 11.4 inches (can you believe that??? Almost 1 foot from head to toe!

Weight-wise, they are right on-target, according to my doctor and with a fetal development chart. Baby Girl A is 1.1 pounds and Baby Boy B is 1.3 pounds. Baby Boy B is a bit ahead gestational age-wise at 23.0 weeks, while Baby Girl A is right on-target at 22.5 weeks (her egg implanted 2 days later).

TBaby Girl Ahe ultrasound tech took some very cool 3D images of the babies. Unfortunately, Baby Girl A was “hiding” in a sense, as she was belly down sleeping, so we didn’t get such a great shot of her. Hopefully next time!

But Baby Boy B was in a great position and you can see his profile below. Doesn’t he look so serene and at peace??

Baby Girl A

Twin A-1

Twin A-2

Twin A-3

Twin A-4

Twin A-5Baby Girl A in this picture is being shy, or sleeping. She’s holding on to the umbilical cord. Doesn’t she look precious?

Baby Boy B

Twin B-1

Twin B-2

Twin B-3

Twin B-4

Twin B-5

Twin B-6

Twin B-7

Twin B-8

What’s Next?

From this point onward, I’ll have appointments every 2 weeks. I learned from both my doctor, and from reaching out to multiple women on a popular Baby/Pregnancy Forum that this is very normal. Usually from 24 weeks forward, doctors see expecting moms this frequently. My next appointment is set for Wednesday August 2nd. Then, I’ll have another check-up on Thursday August 17th which will be the fetal echo-cardiogram.

* * * * * * * * *



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