19 Week Anatomy Scan

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On Thursday June 22nd, I went in to see my doctor for my Anatomy Scan. On that date I was 19.0 weeks along. The whole appointment took about 1 1/2 hours. It was so neat to see details pictures of each baby, listen to and see their hearts beating, and watch them wiggle, move and dance. The Anatomy Scan is done with the ultrasound to get the specific measurements of important organs of the babies: Brain, Heart, Kidneys, Spine, Arms, Legs, Abdomen, Diaphragm, Nose/Lips, and Eyes.

Each baby is doing well! Here’s the details:

Baby Girl A
Baby Girl AOur little sweetheart is measuring in at 18.5 weeks. She’s just 2 days shy of 19 weeks, but the doctor thinks that’s just because her egg implanted into my uterus 2 days after Baby B. All in all, she’s measuring fine for her gestational age. She weighs 9 oz, which is on-target. Her heart rate is a healthy 135 bpm. All her organs look normal. She was wiggling and active. Little Baby Girl A wanted to be “Breech” meaning she was upside-down during the majority of the ultrasound (doing a handstand) although she flipped up near the end to a laying position. She also played footsies with Baby Boy B a little bit!

Ultra #3-6-22-17

Ultra #1-6-22-17

Ultra #2-6-22-17

Ultra #4-6-22-17

Ultra #5-6-22-17

Ultra #6-6-22-17

Ultra #7-6-22-17

Ultra #8-6-22-17

Ultra #9-Twin A-6-22-17

Ultra #10-Twin A-6-22-17

Baby Boy B
Baby Boy BOur little guy seems to measuring 4 days ahead of schedule at 19.4 weeks. He’s also a bit bigger weighing in at 10 oz. Perhaps he’ll be a strong athlete? He has a strong heart rate of 153 bpm and initiated playing footsies with Baby Girl A. I think he likes the company of his sister and perhaps the two of them will enjoy playing with one another? I sure hope so! His organs looked good. At one point, he did cuddle up into a little ball, perhaps to get comfy for a bit. Overall, though, he was active, wiggling, kicking, turning and rolling around.

Ultra #13-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #9-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #10-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #11-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #12-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #14-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #15-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #16-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #17-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #18-Twin B-6-22-17

Ultra #19-Twin B-6-22-17

We are just thrilled and delighted about our two babies. We feel grateful and blessed. Momma continues to try to eat well (lots of food) and drink plenty of water. Each day we pray that they continue to grow and thrive, strong and healthy. We continue to pray that neither of them develops any sort of abnormality and that they are born fully developed and ready to meet the world (hopefully after 37/38+ weeks). I hope you’ll join us in our prayers.

*Note: Our next ultrasound is in 4 weeks, on Thursday July 20th. I will be at 23 weeks then. Until then, please feel free to check our Pregnancy Updates each Friday!

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2 thoughts on “19 Week Anatomy Scan

  1. The pictures of the twins are so incredible! How wonderful to see their anatomies. Many Blessings to them. And to Amy & Mike. Take good care, Amy. You, too, Mike.
    Lots of Love,
    Mom and ‘Gramma B”


  2. Thank you so much for your sweet complements about the anatomies of the twins! Thanks for visiting this blog…and we’ll keep in touch!
    -Amy and Mike


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