Pregnancy Update: 1st Trimester – Week 18

It’s time for my weekly pregnancy update! At 18 weeks…

* I’m 4 months pregnant! Only five more months to go! *

Week 18 Main

WEek 18 Profile

Our babies are growing at an amazing rate! This week, our babies are as big as an artichoke. Babies are about 5.6 inches long and about 6.7 ounces now and keeps growing quickly!


•  Babies Are Kicking. Babies are large enough now that I feel tiny flutters, taps and feathering feelings. They’re getting stronger!

•  Babies Are Yawning. The art of the yawn has been mastered by our twins, along with hiccupping. I’m not sure if I’ve felt them hiccup yet, but perhaps soon. During my next ultrasound, I hope to see one of the twins yawn!

•  Babies Nervous System Is Maturing Quickly. The twins’ nervous system is maturing. Nerves are now covered with a substance called myelin that speeds messages from nerve cell to nerve cell. These nerves are forming more complex connections and those in the brain are further developing into the ones that serve the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.

•  Hearing. Speaking of hearing, our babies hearing is growing more acute, making our little ones more conscious of sounds that come from inside my body. And their ears reach their final position on the sides of her head. They have actual cute little ears and working ear bones and can hear sounds through the amniotic fluid — similar to how things sound underwater.

•  Facial Muscles. This week, babies tiny eyebrows are taking shape, and muscles around their eyes begin to twitch.

 Sex Organs. If one baby is a girl, her vagina, womb (uterus), and fallopian tubes have now formed. If one twin is a boy, his testicles are moving down from his pelvis, and his penis is defined.

Week 18 FetusSource

•  My Posture Shifts. My uterus is about the size of a cantaloupe right now and can be felt about one and a half inches below my belly button. As a result, the babies have moved “up” my bump (rather than being lower in my tummy).

•  My Back Aches. Due to the above noted change, my growing uterus has shifted my center of gravity, which means my lower back is pulled forward while my abdomen is thrust out. Couple that with the changes that the pregnancy hormone Relaxin is outputting, my ligaments have relaxed. These loosened ligaments include those that attach my pelvic bones to my spine, and joints, so that leaves me with backaches and pains. But it’s really not too bad. I can reduce the pain a bit by elevating my feet slightly when sitting.

•  Babies Are Moving, Moving, Moving! We have two little active ones in there! Our twins are small enough that their movements feel more “bubble-like” right now. I can’t wait until I can say, “Wow! That was totally a foot!” when they are bigger and begin to kick more. Sometimes I’m still not sure of a movement, but overall, I think it’s one of the twins. I’ve heard that by 20-22 weeks, there will be no mistaking their movements.

 Dizziness. I notice some dizziness from time to time, especially when I stand up too quickly or put too many hours without a good snack. Blood sugar regulation when pregnant is an important thing. I try to stay hydrated and am trying to eat every few hours.

•  Uncomfortable Sleeping. I get a bit uncomfortable at night. I’ve found the best sleeping position is on my side. But even that can get awfully hard on my hips and legs. So, sometimes I try sleeping with a small pillow between my knees or lower thighs. I’ve found that makes all the difference in the world without taking up too much room or making me feel too hot.

•  Bladder. I’m in that lovely stage where I just can’t seem to fully empty my bladder in a single bathroom run. I don’t know whether there’s just something baby-related blocking the exit or what, but after I pee, I feel like I STILL have to pee. Makes sense due to the fact that a woman’s bladder is reduced to 1/2 or 1/3 of it’s regular size (due to the babies squishing internal organs).

* * * * * * *

Food Aversions:
Certain Protein Bars, Coffee, Herbs, Cooked Veggies (particularly bell pepper and jalapeno), anything bitter.

Food Cravings:
Still loving: PB & J with banana slices, Starburst Jelly Beans, Greek Yogurt, Pickles, Ice-Cream, Oatmeal bowls, Kefir, Bagels, Peaches, Eggs & Toast, Watermelon, Honeydew, Burgers, Frozen Burritos.

New: Avocados (putting them in or on everything), Chicken Salads, Oatmeal Cookies, Fresh Sweet Corn on the Cob

Source, Source, Source, & Source

I’ve been sleeping pretty well…and taking my usual afternoon nap on weekdays, too.

Fun Exciting, & Weird Stuff From the Week?
My bump seems to have grown almost double within two weeks, which I LOVE! I want it to grow big…because that tells me that the babies are growing, too. My husband’s co-workers apparently asked him about me, and he gave them this blog’s website, which they visited. Apparently, they “concur” that my belly is indeed growing. I love that! Now if I could only put a bit more weight on my arms and legs for extra “energy” for the babies. Many women just ONLY want to have a belly pregnancy, but I see tremendous value in having extra weight on the legs/thighs, and arms. I’ve learned that when 3rd Trimester hits, baby starts really adding on fat and it takes those reserves from Mommy in order to add those layers of fat onto themselves. I want to have extra weight to give to the twins.

belly - CopySource

Looking Forward To…
I have my next Ultrasound/Check-up next week, on Thursday June 22nd. I’m hoping and praying the babies are growing “normally” on schedule and continuing to be healthy. I wish they were actually growing ahead of schedule, but I’ll be grateful if they are on-schedule. This will be a “big” appointment, as it’s call the Anatomy Scan where several  of the babies organs will all be measured.

ultrasound scan - CopySource

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases?
Still waiting until after we move (which will be the last weekend of this month). THEN, I hope to start receiving items from family, then start going-to-town purchasing the remainder and start setting up the nursery! So excited!

nursery - CopySource

Stretch Marks?
Yep, but I’m now wearing Belly Butter to keep them to a minimum.

Belly Button In Or Out?
My “innie/outie” is no longer that! It’s now an outie!

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time?
Very, very happy still! Sometimes I get emotional now. I think it’s just the hormones. Overall, though, I’m still just so grateful that God blessed us with me getting pregnant.

Any Movement?
Yes, but only every-so-often. Little flutters, feather-like, and teeny taps inside my belly!

* * * * * * * * * *


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    1. Hello Bethany,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! By the way, how did you find my little nook here on the Internet (just curious)? I’d simply love to know where you found my link! Anyways, your son, Mason, is adorable…and your blog looks great! Hope you’ll come back and visit often!


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