Gender Reveal – We’re Having…

Boys or girls? Or…boy and a girl?

boy or girl

Hmmm….what do you think?

Well, let’s see!!

On Wednesday May 31st, I went in for my 16-week ultrasound and check-up (more on those details in a minute). I found out the babies sexes. Personally, I was thrilled and knew Mike would be too. But I wanted to surprise him.

I went and bought little newborn onesies, boxes, gift wrap and ribbon. It was fun making up these sweet little “gifts” for us to open and share the joy of the genders/sexes of our children!

Here’s how our Gender Reveal went down…

Are you ready??

We are excited to share…

Here we go…

Reveal #1

Reveal #2

Reveal #4

Reveal #5

Reveal #6

Reveal #7

We are delighted to announce…

…Drum Roll, please…

it's a boy


What about the 2nd baby??

Let’s see!!

Reveal #3

Reveal #8

Reveal #9

Reveal #10

Reveal #11

We are delighted that our 2nd baby…

it's a girl

Reveal #12

Two peas in a pod! We’re having a Boy AND a Girl!


boy and a girl


I guess I really do have Mommy intuition. I not only had a sense, but I also had a dream about this months ago!

We are SO delighted!

We can now planning colors, and soon we’ll send out nursery item request from our wonderful family members!

Ultrasound and Baby Details 

I continue to be absolutely amazed when I see how they’ve grown more. Each time, their body parts become more detailed…such as their arms, legs, hands and faces!

Baby A – Our Girl!

Girl Baby

5-31-17 #1

Truly, God is such an awe-inspiring creator.

5-31-17 #2

The miracle of the creation of life will always remain a blessing to me! I feel so honored to be given the gift of having life be growing within me.

5-31-17 #3

Baby A is our sweet Girl. She has a heart rate of 144, which is well within average/normal (which is between 110-160).

5-31-17 #4

She was wiggling quite a bit, squirming and dancing. She even did a “high five” to me (as the tech put it)! She also is quite photogenic.

5-31-17 #5

5-31-17 #9

5-31-17 #10

Baby B – Our little boy!

Boy Baby

Baby B is our little boy cub. He has a heart rate of 151. He also wiggled and kicked.

5-31-17 #6

He wiggled too, and even graced us with moving positions from lying on his tummy to flipping all the way over so that we could see his little “woo-woo” to determine his sex.

5-31-17 #7

He seems a bit more laid back though, as he seems content to just “chill” in utero.

5-31-17 #8

5-31-17 #11

Hopefully, this isn’t TMI, but I also had a cervix ultrasound done and I learned I currently have a “long” cervix, with a measurement of 5.35. What this means is that basically, it decreases my chances for pre-term labor. I’ll take any lessened risks that I can get!

Mommy’s belly has grown quite a bit (it seems) from 3 weeks ago. I’m happy about that, though. I would our little ones to grow and grow strong and healthy and a good size before they are born. I actually cannot wait to buy myself a little maternity dress soon. A little “treat.” I’m thinking perhaps around Week 20.

*Next Up…

I have my next ultrasound/check-up on Thursday June 22nd. This appointment is going to be more in-depth and may take up to 2 hours. An Anatomy Scan will be performed in which the technician will take ultrasounds of several internal organs, from the heart, liver, kidneys, brain, and tummy. Apparently, this is very common to have done for pregnant women around Week 19 or 20.

* * * * * * *


4 thoughts on “Gender Reveal – We’re Having…

  1. Wonderful! Very fun–your pictures–and EXCITING NEWS! A boy and girl! Yay!
    Lots of Love to Amy and Mike and sweet Grandbabies,


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