Pregnancy Update: 2nd Trimester – Week 16

It’s time for my weekly pregnancy update! At 16 weeks, I’m 3 months and 2 weeks pregnant!

Week 16 Primary #1

Week 16 Profile #2

Week 16 Profile

Our babies are growing at an amazing rate! Our babies are as big as an avocado, measuring 4.6 inches long and weighing in at 3.5 ounces.


*Fun Fact: The size of the babies are a little over 4 inches long and weigh a little over 2.5 ounces. The chocolate bunny that I received from Mike way back on Easter in April weighed 3.0 ounces, (just 0.5 oz under the babies weight).
easter bunny

But considering I shared it with the twins, I am a good Mom AND a responsible eater!

Babies Muscles Are Strengthening. The twins’ backbone and tiny muscles are gaining strength, so they can straighten out their heads and necks even more. They can also sit upright and as their coordination develops, they may now be able to clasp their hands together in front of themselves.

Babies Eyes Are Working. Thanks to developing facial muscles, our babies are capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints, even at this early stage. Their eyes are finally working too, making small side-to-side movements and perceiving light (although their eyelids are still sealed). Peekaboo!

Babies Skin Is Transparent. Our fetuses are becoming “lookers!” They both have a face that have both eyebrows and eyelashes. Yet, they are “skinny” lookers, since they don’t have any baby fat yet. That gets laid down later. Here’s the info on our twins’ skin: It’s practically translucent now. If we were to peek inside my uterus, we’d be able to see our baby’s blood vessels under that thin skin.

Babies Can Hear Our Voice. Listen up! Tiny bones in our babies’ ears are in place, making it likely that they can hear our voices when we’re speaking (or when I sing in the shower). In fact, studies have found that babies who hear a song while they’re in the womb recognize the same tune when it’s sung to them after they’re born. So, I’m chatting up the twins any chance I can get. I’ve started reading a little children’s book to them for about 15 minutes or more each day.

Babies Have Fingernails and Toenails. This means the babies will have little flesh-tearing talons by the time they’re born! Seriously though, I’ve read that I should pack a teensy nail file in my hospital bag if I’d rather our twins’ first pictures NOT include giant face scratches.

Babies Have Fine Hair. Our twins are covered with fine, downy hair called lanugo. THIS will mostly fall out by birth, so I shouldn’t be giving birth to two little Curious George monkeys.

Week 16 FetusSource

Nasal Congestion. My uterus is not the only thing that’s starting to swell. The mucous membranes of my nose are on overdrive due to increasing blood flow because of the pregnancy hormones circulating in my body. The result? Pregnancy congestion and small nosebleeds. Unfortunately, I’ve read that the stuffiness may only get worse as my pregnancy progresses, but my practitioner will probably not prescribe any medications since I’m pregnant. However, I’ve been told I can safely try saline sprays, nasal strips, a humidifier or dab some petroleum jelly under my nose. I haven’t done these yet, but I may if/when it gets worse.

I Can Feel My Uterus. It’s located about three inches below my belly button (especially when I lie on my back). As our babies grow, my uterus will continue to inch upwards out of my pelvis which means I won’t have to pee so much!

Having Very Vivid and Bizarre Dreams. Some are pregnancy-related, but others will be just plain weird. I’ve read and been encouraged that they should be interpreted as nothing more than dreams stemming from nerves, hormones and my thoughts about the future.

I Feel Our Babies Move. They feel like little bubbles, flutters, pops or tickles. These words describe it as well as I can describe. It’s really quite neat! I tapped my fingernails against Mike’s arm to try to give him an idea of what I was feeling, but it’s more like a gentle and faint THUMP rather than a tap. Which is why, I guess, the “bubbles popping” metaphor works the best. The sensations are delicate, like a soap bubble, but there’s just enough force to suggest the dramatic explosion of that little bubble. Like a little muscle twitch. I’ve heard that as the twins grow stronger, the movements of the babies will be unmistakable.

My Hair Is Looking Better. My hair seems a little thicker and more lustrous and my skin looks a little more radiant, too. Woo hoo!

Bigger Boobs. My breasts have probably gone up several cup sizes by now, and I hope they’ll be completely prepped and ready for breastfeeding by the time the babies are born.

Constipation. I’m getting, ummm, stopped up again. Sigh… This is an unfortunate result of my uterus starting to press on my intestines. I’m trying to load up on fiber-rich foods and drinking lots of water to keep things moving.

Forgetfulness. This is also known as “Pregnancy Brain.” Studies say that no one really knows for sure what causes pregnant women to become more forgetful. Most say that the fogginess lifts post-partum.

Dry, Itchy, Sensitive Eyes. Again, it’s the hormones once again. It’s minor though. I just use eye-drops sometimes.

Breathing is Harder. My lungs are being crowded by our growing babies. Sometimes it’s a bit tough to catch my breath from time to time.

Gradual Weight Gain. In general, most women put on somewhere between 22-28 lbs. They suggest 30-35 lbs for women pregnant with twins. Honestly, I haven’t put much on to this point, although my baby bump has gradually grown. Although most of my weight gain will probably happen after 20 weeks, I’m trying my hardest to gain now.

* * * * * * * *

Food Aversions:
Anything bitter, jalapenos, bell peppers.

Food Cravings:
Still loving: Burgers, fish tacos, PB & J and banana slices on English muffins, Starburst jelly beans, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, pickles, ice-cream, sweet potato fries, fruit, fresh green salads, scrambled eggs & toast, frozen burritos.

New: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Bing Cherries!

oatmeal cookiescherriesSource & Source

I’ve been sleeping pretty well…and during naps, too.

Fun Exciting, & Weird Stuff From the Week?
We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, spent going to the pool twice, eating hamburgers, potato salad, and the juiciest and sweetest watermelon ever. Lots of talking and good laughs, too.

Mem Day BBQSource

Also, I went to my 16-week ultrasound and check-up appointment on Wednesday May 31st. Everything looks good! I’ll share more this upcoming Monday.

5-31-17 #7

With that said…

***Please be sure to CHECK-IN for our extra special Gender Reveal blog post that will publish on Monday June 5th at 6:00 AM (AZ time)!

boy or girl

Looking Forward To…
Moving into our new apartment at the end of June. It will be a 2 bdrm, 2 ba. I will finally be able to start getting the babies nursery items received from family and the rest we’ll buy, then the whole set-up!

baby nurserySource

Any Baby/Pregnancy-Related Purchases?
Not this past week.

Stretch Marks?
Nope. Still none. Maybe I’ll go without them this whole pregnancy? That would be delightful. I have my Belly Butter on my bathroom counter though, just in case.

Belly Button In Or Out?
It has officially totally popped out! It’s an outie now!

Happy or Moody Most Of The Time?
Very, very happy still! Sometimes I get emotional now. I think it’s just the hormones. Overall, though, I’m still just so grateful that God blessed us with me getting pregnant.

Any Movement?
No. Not yet. I’m still waiting! The doctor said any week now I may feel tiny little “taps” that feel like they are coming from inside.

* * * * * * * * *


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