May 11th Ultrasound – All Looks Good…

I had an ultrasound and check-up last Thursday May 11th. I was exactly 13 weeks, 0 days along in my pregnancy. Fortunately, everything is looking good! The doctor said they are just about on-target for their measurements, so they are growing well. Little Baby A was “jumping” and sort of doing twitch like dance movements quite a bit and Little Baby B was a little, too. The technician said this is very common as their nervous systems are really developing now. That’s wonderful, but I’d also like to think that I have little dancers/wigglers/athletes in our family! Ha ha!

Baby A is a little smaller, at a CRL (Crown-to-Rump Length) of 6.24 cm. It’s fetal heart rate was 154 which is average. Baby A falls a little under the average curve in terms of it’s measurements for 13 week babies. However, Baby A is actually about 2 days short of being 13 weeks old (12 weeks, 4-5 days), as it’s quite likely it’s egg implanted later than Baby B’s.

Baby A details

Baby B is a little bigger at a CRL of 6.66 cm. It’s fetal HR is 156 which is average. Baby B is pretty average as far as where it falls on the average spectrum of babies at that measurement at 13 weeks gestational age.

Baby B details

This information was incredibly reassuring to me (although I’m a little concerned that Baby A is a little under measurement for average, although it’s not far off) because I (unfortunately) haven’t gained much weight in the first 13 weeks. I was (and still am, to a large degree) worried about that, as I’m already small. I know, I know…I’ve mentioned this a lot. But I’ve read and learned that nutrition during a twin and multiple pregnancy is paramount if you want them to go full term and not be born pre-term.

These photos were taken on Mother’s Day (5-14-17). The weight is coming on nicely to my belly and boobs, but I need to gain in my arms and legs.

I just got a maternity dietitian to help tweak what I’m eating to help me start to put on the l-b’s. Now that the Morning Sickness is FINALLY abating, my hunger is gradually increasing. Now if the gas, bloating, constipation and indigestion can somehow take a hiatus (or go away forever) that would certainly help. Anyways, I have a few plans up my sleeve (giving myself permission to buy and eat Fro-Yo with all the toppings, Pizza, Trail Mix, Burgers, and Salads with LOTS of dressing to increase my overall caloric level).

Anyways, despite my slow weight gain, the babies are growing well. It’s so neat to see the twins getting bigger each time an ultrasound is performed! I asked the doctor if their placentas have developed, and she confirmed they have. That was another big concern of mine.

Another cool thing is that Baby A was already starting to suck her little thumb and we could see the individual fingers on her hand! How neat!

I am including a bunch of ultrasound photos below. Kudos to the perinatal office where I go. They have a neat program where they email you the whole set of pictures within 24 hours of your visit.

* Enjoy! *

Ultra 1.5Ultra 2Ultra 3Ultra 7Ultra 4Ultra 5Ultra 6

*My next doctor’s appointment and ultrasound will be in another 3 weeks, on Wednesday May 31st. Until then, I’ll continue posting the usual Weekly Pregnancy Update posts each Friday morning. Hope you check those out!


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