Ultrasound #3 Update!

Yesterday, Monday April 17th, Mike and I went in for our 3rd ultrasound. Fortunately, we are so happy to share we have good news!!

The twins/babies are doing wonderfully!

Fun Facts:

1.   From our last ultrasound 2 weeks ago, the babies have grown about 20 mm! (They measured 7 mm back on 4/3/17).

2.   Baby A was positioned as face-forward (as if looking straight out at the tech with the ultrasound wand) and is measuring in at about 27 mm and it’s heartbeat is 174 bpm!

3.   Baby B was positioned laying down and kind of cuddled up and is measuring in at 25.47 mm with a heartbeat of 153 bpm.

4.   Both babies wiggled and danced during the ultrasound! They are active!

5.   According to where I am in the pregnancy on Monday (9 weeks, 4 days) their measurements are right on target/normal.

Here are a bunch of photos we’d like to share with you friends/family!

Both Babies Together!


Baby A



Baby B


There we go! Hope you enjoyed those pictures!

The next thing on my agenda is that I have a Perinatal doctor appointment this Thursday April 20th. Basically, FTC is transferring my care to the Perinatal Specialist for the remainder of the pregnancy. (In case you missed it in previous posts, a Perinatal doctor is specialized in twin & multiple pregnancies). I’ll keep you posted on updates regarding future visits.

We ask for your continued prayers…that little Baby A and Baby B continue to grow really well, thrive and Mommy eat enough to nourish them well! Thank you!

* * * * * * * * *



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