Update About the Babies…

Thank you for all your prayers for Mike and I. Today (Mon 4/3), we went to our 2nd ultrasound this morning. We have some sad news, but some good news too.

Sad News: Unfortunately, we lost little Baby B. We could not see a heartbeat. The technician confirmed most likely what happened is that it was due to a chromosonal issue, either missing a chromosone or had Down Syndrome. She explained that is most often the reason why heartbeats will stop in an embryo this early. Therefore, at this point, we are no longer having triplets. We are having twins. We both were sad, and teared up a little. Even though we didn’t have Baby B in our lives that long, the fact that he/she was still a baby, we became “close” last week when we first viewed him/her. But we both believe it wasn’t meant to be. Baby B is now with God.

candle outSource

Good News: Baby A and C (we will start referring to them as Baby A and B or Baby 1 and 2 soon), are both doing wonderfully! They doubled in size over the past week. Last week, they were measuring at 6mm each. This week they were a whopping 12mm each! That’s exactly what I want my little munchkins to do! I I have to keep eating my Wheaties!


Additional good news is that the babies heart rates also continue to climb, and are now at 139 and 155. We were also able to see their heads, little “buds” that are their hands and legs, and spine. One of the babies “wiggled” for us according to the technician and said he/she was “posing” for us perfectly. We also learned something interesting: The technician said that it’s quite possible that we have 1 girl and 1 boy. She stated that typically, the girl’s HR is higher and the boy’s a bit lower. Although we don’t know 100%, I have an intuitive sense that we are having a boy and girl! I’d love that (although I’ll still be happy with whatever results).

Ultrasound #1
Ultrasound #2
Our next ultrasound isn’t until another 2 weeks, at our 9 week mark. The technician said that will give the babies more time to grow, and since Baby 1 and 2 look good so far, we don’t need another ultrasound next week. We are also given a referral to see a perinatologist, who should be giving us a phone call sometime this week for our first appointment. A perinatologist is a specialist ob/gyn doctor who works specifically with families expecting multiples or high-risk births. 



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