We’re Not Only Having 1 Baby, But We’re Having…..

Question: What do each of these pictures have in common?

Answer: 3!.JPG


We’re having Triplets!

We are so very excited…and feel triple-y blessed!


Triplet Reveal Photo

This morning, we went to have a 6 week (+3 day) ultrasound done. There was not only 1….not only 2…but 3 babies inside Amy, little hearts beating!

Sure, we are a little concerned (“Oh, my Gosh! How are we going to afford these babies! We have to buy 3 of mostly everything?”)

But we feel triply blessed…and are trusting that God is going to help us. After all, we strongly know it was/is His Hand that enabled this “instant family” to happen!

Baby A and Baby C’s heartbeats are pumping at a healthy rate of 116 and 119 beats per minute respectively. Both are about 6 cm long, which is very normal for how far along we are.


We need your prayers about Baby B.

Baby B’s heartrate is beating a bit slow…at only 90 bpm. The technician said she would have liked it at 100 bpm. Also, he/she is measuring a bit smaller, too.

The doctor said it’s a “50-50%” chance that it can go either way. Again, we could use your prayers.

We’ve already decided Baby B is our Grace child. He/She is a fighter…a little one that we’ve determined is smaller…but also full of more love and sensitivity and courage. We want him/her to live, thrive and be healthy both inside and outside the womb.

Please join us in praying that Baby B speeds it’s growth up. The doctor said that it can happen.


But again, we are thrilled about the other two.

Mommy and Daddy are elated!

Going a tad crazy realizing how we’ll need to get 3 of everything….but loving the whole idea about having 3 children! Sure, it will be a lot of work, but just so utterly grateful and willing to tough through the rough, in order to have these humans become part of our family!

I’ve attached some photos and videos we’ve received from this morning. You won’t be able to hear the Doppler of the hearts beating. You just physically can’t. However, next time, Mike may bring in his SmartPhone and record their little heartbeats. It was amazing to watch and hear…and Mommy teared up in the exam room. If you know my own history, having babies…and 3 of them…I believe with ALL MY HEART…and FOREVER WILL…that this is a miracle.

Mommy is currently experiencing Morning Sickness to the nth degree (as mother’s with multiples do to a more intense measure), but I actually don’t vomit, because I’ve determined not to. Just nauseous 24/7. But I’m eating lots of pickles, cottage cheese, pears, chicken, brownies, ice-cream, cucumbers and Saltines, which are the things I seem to be able to stomach the best. Am adverse (currently) to everything else. Am seriously looking forward to when I’ll crave and be able to eat pizza, burgers, and veggies!

We have another ultrasound next Monday April 3rd at 9:00 AM. We’ll see if Baby B has grown and his/her heart rate is faster. We pray deeply that it is so. Mike is already attached to it (as am I, deeply) and don’t want it to die. The other two babies, we continue will grow nicely, and we are delighted they seem to be doing well.


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