The Details: Finding Out I Am Pregnant

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Yes! I am feeling so very excited, grateful and blessed. I truly believe this is a miracle…sincerely! Why…may you ask…am I using the word “miracle” to describe my pregnancy? Well, if you go back and read this post here, I believe you’ll understand.

Let me bring you up to speed…because I flubbed up my hubby’s sperm sample on 2/23, we were unable to do the IUI. Yet, with his assurance, love and support, we made love as much as we could both on the day I ovulated and after. I believe God’s Hand caused us to become pregnant. Yes, we had done all we could that week to engage in lovemaking: We Baby-Danced the five mornings prior to ovulation day, plus the evening of ovulation, then the morning after I ovulated, and then that evening, too. In visual form, it looked like this:

Saturday 2/18


AM (morning)














Thurs  2/23

Cancelled IUI

Ovulated Baby-Danced PM

Fri 2/24




After this week, I spent some solid time in prayer with God, on walks, hikes, at home…I lifted up the outcome to Him and came to a place of acceptance in my heart. I knew we did all we could to become pregnant, so I realized it was really God’s supernatural Hand that was ultimately in control.

I decided and committed to not taking any HPT (home pregnancy tests) or use my Hcg test strips (Hcg is the “pregnancy hormone”) until 10 DPO (Days-Past-Ovulation). The reason I made this vow was to show further trust/faith in God. Plus, on my previous cycle the month before (in January), I had over-tested myself after my IUI. I’d realized I had become almost “obsessed” with seeing if the double-lines showed up. As a result, the outcome had greatly negatively affected my attitude and heart the whole day. I didn’t want that to adopt those same sour attitudes this cycle.

My hubby also wanted to know if I was pregnant by 10 DPO and by that point, and I’d followed through on my commitment to not test myself sooner. I used 3 different brands of Hcg test strips.


I was very surprised when I saw the faintest double lines on all 3 of the strips, and my heart fluttered. However, I was cautiously optimistic. I knew that it was possible, on 10 DPO that my Hcg trigger shot I’d taken back on 2/21 may have still been in my system. However, I was hopeful (that I was pregnant), because the previous cycle (January/February), I had metabolized the hcg Trigger Shot by 8 DPO. In any case, I told my hubby that I’d re-test again tomorrow, and the day after that to see if the hcg strips would get darker.

I prayed/talked with God during the activities of my day. I poured out my heart’s desire (although I know He already knew it!!) Praying is more about engaging in relationship with God more than anything else. God knows all we want and need. Yet, praying is an active way for us to commune with God. He loves the time we spend with Him!

Anyways, for the next few days, I tested myself and each day, I became happier and more excited.

Mike was thrilled and delighted, too. By Tuesday night, I figured I would call the Fertility Clinic to let them know my HPT’s had tested positive and to ask if they wanted me to come in a day early to have my beta blood pregnancy test done. We scheduled the blood draw for early morning on Wednesday 3/8, then drove home.

I took my favorite walk around our neighborhood, listening to music and again, talking with God. Around 10 AM, I received the wonderful phone call. The moment I answered the phone, Janelle, the receptionist delightfully exclaimed “You’re pregnant!” My heart leapt!

I was on cloud-9 the whole day.

pregnant bellySource

As soon as I got inside (our apartment), I sent a test message to Mike to share the news (with a lot of fun emogis, hearts, flowers, and a little baby face emogi).

God is so good!

The receptionist went on to explain the next few steps I’ll be taking.

Essentially, here is what’s happening:

  1. I took a second blood test on Friday 3/9. This was to see how much the hcg was increasing (it typically doubles every 48 hours) and also measure my Progesterone levels (Progesterone is VERY important, as it helps keep the uterine lining thick and helps to nourish the growing embryo and develop the placenta).
  2. At Week 6 (I was at Week 4 on 3/9) I’ll go in to have an ultrasound done at the Fertility Clinic. I have been told that at Week 6 you can typically see the baby’s heart beating (the baby’s heart at that point is usually the size of a grain of rice).
  3. I will then begin seeing a local OB/GYN regularly (I’m still nailing down the provider/doctor whom I’ll see) but I’ll also check in with Dr. Craig’s office.
  4. I’ll keep taking my Progesterone Cream through Week #13
  5. I’ll keep taking my Metformin through Week #16.

At this point, I’m just super excited, but also prayerful. I am trusting God that He will protect this pregnancy…that it will be a healthy one, the baby will grow very well, and that I will deliver at full term. On my end, I will nourish the baby well, and keep my mind, body, spirit healthy and strong…so that the baby(ies) inside me can be also.

baby feetSource

On a practical level, I’ve made a little list of things I need to do:

  1. Start Posting Weekly Updates on this Blog (which will contain a profile picture of myself)
  2. Purchase some pregnancy books and start reading them
  3. My hubby and I live in a 1-bedroom apartment currently, and we know this will not suffice. We certainly need a bigger space…a room just for the baby(ies). We are not wealthy and cannot afford a house at this time, although we deeply want to be home-owners. But we love our apartment community, so we will be moving into a two-bedroom unit soon. So, packing (ugh…) will commence and we’ll make the switch sometime probably in the next 2 months.
  4. Purchase some “bigger” clothes, baby belly butter/lotion
  5. Although this will be super expensive, we really don’t have a good camera (I have a point-and-shoot). We know we need a “fancy” camera to take lots of photos of our family. I’ve found a few on Amazon, so I just need to make the investment. It will be fun, once I purchase it, to play with it and start getting used to it before the baby(ies) arrive.

When Mike arrived home that night, I had decorated a bit with balloons, and mounted my HPT on the wall with my Due Date, which is November 18, 2017. The décor added a nice fun reminder of the addition to our family we are looking forward to!


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