12 Tips for Surviving the TWW

Oh, how I have dreaded the two-week wait each cycle I’ve gone through so far. As of today, I am 6 DPO and am in the middle of my TWW.


The TWW can be the most stressful part of a cycle. Some of us symptom spot every tiny little thing, some of us obsessively pee on way too many pregnancy tests, some of us over analyze our charts, and most of us probably drive our spouse crazy. I did all the above during my first two cycles. During cycle #2, I was peeing on hCG sticks daily. My thinking was that I would see my hCG trigger shot “go away” (out of my system) and then if any 2nd line showed up on the hCG strip, it would mean a possibility for pregnancy. But every day I saw stark white (7 DPO to 28 DPO) I just became more and more discouraged. I learned to try to NOT symptom spot by my 3rd cycle. I simply didn’t want to cause myself emotional stress.

The TWW can be so full of possibilities and hope, but it can also remind of us of the disappointment of another month going by without a positive pregnancy test.


So, what can we do to get through the TWW and keep our minds off TTC? Distraction in this case is good and necessary. I’m currently in my TWW, for my IUI I botched. Yet, there is still a slight possibility my beta blood pregnancy test may be positive on March 9th (due to my hubby and I BDing (Baby-Dancing = Making Love = Having Sex) as much as we could on my two fertile days). I’m trying to keep my mind off of the fact    it can go either way. But I’ve lifted the results up to God (see my last post here), although I still hope and pray, deep inside, that I did conceive and implantation will be successful this cycle.

I’m relaxed and worry free, is my top goal right now. This is officially my 3rd TWW. Here are some tips I’ve found can really help to get through this difficult part of the cycle.

* * * * * * * *

1. Start a Craft

Some of us feel better when we’re busy with a specific task. Pinterest is full of an endless supply of crafts and DIY projects for the home. The TWW is a great time to finally teach yourself to knit, make a decorative picture frame, a beautiful bracelet or learn to scrapbook. The great part about a lot of crafts is you can use things you already have around the house! And visiting Hobby Lobby or a craft store is lots of fun.



2. Books, Movies, Binge Watching Netflix

Hit up a RedBox if you are out running errands. If Netflix is more your style, go ahead and binge watch a TV series you favorite movie you like. Or, Amazon Prime has a great selection you can immediately access and start watching. I guarantee it’s a better use of your time than over analyzing your possible pregnancy symptoms. It can be even more fun if you plan a movie night with your partner, including some yummy movie snacks!


3. Spend Some Time in Nature

Spending time outside can be incredibly calming. There are always plenty of hiking trails or walking paths to try out. If you have access to a kayak or canoe, go spend some time on the water. If not, grab your shoes and just go on a walk around your local neighborhood. Planning a picnic in a local park is lots of fun too! If you have a dog, you can bet that they will appreciate tagging along with you.


4. Go on a Day Trip

Nothing expensive or fancy. Perhaps you can visit a city nearby that you have always wanted to visit. Check out that local art museum, the zoo, or quaint downtown area you have wanted to go to. Or drive to the outlet mall to get some good deals, head to the beach and go for a walk in the sand, or head up to the mountains for some evergreen hiking. Check to see if there are any local festivals, fairs, firework displays, etc. Even just a trip to the local movie theater can be just the escape you need. Be sure to check if your area has any drive-in theaters, too!

5. Pamper Yourself

Get that haircut you’ve been wanting, or a manicure or pedicure. Or light some candles, snuggle up on the couch and just rest. Ask your partner for a foot rub and let yourself relax. If you want to splurge a bit, get a professional massage. Just make sure you tell the masseuse you’re TTCing, because there are certain things you need to avoid.


6. Research Fun Ways to Break Pregnancy News

Once you get that positive result you will be super excited to tell friends and family. Whether you choose to tell them right away or do the traditional thing and wait until you’re through your 1st Trimester, you may want to be creative on how you break the news to your husband, then family and friends. There are some great blogs and articles online of other mom’s sharing how they did it. I have been looking these up recently and am having a blast seeing the creativity and fun that many couples have put into theirs. I am personally still trying to figure out which ones I’ll do for my hubby and loved ones!


7. Have Your Family or Friends Over for Dinner

Spending time with those we care about can be a great escape from all of our TTC worries. If you’re like me, I love to cook a big meal, spending all day making everything from scratch. From planning the meal a few days in advance, to shopping for the food, and then cooking it, your mind is much less focused on the TWW.


8.  Get Some Exercise

Take a yoga or Pilates or class or light lifting class. If you take a strength training class, make sure it’s not too strenuous. Exercise that’s too hard can take away the energy your body needs to conceive/egg implantation. You can also try going for a long walk in a local park, or taking a light bike ride. Exercise can be more fun if you do it with other people, so see if you can get your partner, family or friends to tag along.


9. Bake Some Treats

It seems like everyone loves some treats. The extra energy and fat these goodies provide may just be what your body needs. When eaten in moderation, treats can hit those pleasure centers of the brain and be just the thing you emotionally need during the TWW. Get out Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe, try your hand at some making some cupcakes or bake some delicious decadent brownies. Every female needs a regular dose of something sweet! Personally, I eat chocolate in some form every day!


10. Home DIY Projects 

I swear that I am the most motivated to complete DIY projects around the house during the TWW. Cleaning the basement or sorting through old clothes in the closet and getting them ready to be given away to charity, shopping for new mats or rugs, or hanging new shelves in the closets. Again, Pinterest has about a million DIY home projects.

11. Read A Good Book or Magazine

Sometimes the best way to take your mind off things is to jump into another story. It is a great way to be transported to another world or experience. If you like to read, you can order a book on your Kindle or ebook, fairly affordably. Amazon.com has a slew of title options and often offers book sales for $2.99. Or you could head on down to your local thrift store and get a bunch of books without breaking the bank.


12. Work On Puzzles

Many grocery stores (and online) sell great crossword puzzle, word search, Sudoku, and variety puzzle books (Dell and Penny Press are two great brands). Doing puzzles can be a really fun way to keep your mind distracted and also exercise your trivia, verbal, mathematical and problem solving skills.

* * * * * * *



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