IUI #2 Cancelled – I Made A Big Mistake…

In this post, I talked about the details of starting Cycle #3. Today, I’m sharing about how my IUI #2 for this cycle went.

On CD 10, Monday 2/20, I had my ultrasound to check my lining and follicles. My lining was 7.0 mm thick, which was better than last time. However, I had hoped it would be 8.5 or more. So, I was just hoping that 7.0 mm would be thick enough for the egg(s) to implant. The doctor explained to me that there is a natural variation from cycle to cycle, so it’s not a concern, especially since it was at 7 mm. I had a total of about 6 follicles. On my right ovary, I had a 17 mm, 15 mm and 11 mm. On my left ovary, I had a 16 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm.


After the ultrasound, just like last time, the nurse told me she’d call me later that morning to inform me what Dr. Craig’s plan-of-action would be after he saw these ultrasound results. When she called, she noted that there would be a change of plans with regards to which date we’d do the IUI from what we’d initially thought. She said I would be taking the trigger shot Tuesday 2/21 night at 10 PM, then we’d do the IUI about 36 hours later on Thursday 2/23 at 9:30 AM.

My hubby and I Baby-Danced (BD) each morning, Monday – Friday (except for Thurs 2/23, the IUI day) before he left for work. I used 1.5 g of Pre-Seed before each love-making session. Immediately after BDing, I inserted a Soft Cup and left it in for 12+ hours.

I took the trigger shot (Pregnyl 10,000 iu). The following morning, I woke up and took my BBT (as usual) and saw the .6-.7 degree spike. I also took a LH stick test and also used my ClearBlue OPK, both showed I was in a “fertile” stage. That morning, of course, my hubby and I BDd, then used the Soft Cup.


On Thursday 2/23, the day of my IUI, hubby did a great job giving his sperm sample.\

* * * * * * * * *

But this is when everything went wrong…

I was actually pretty devastated this morning. Mike gave his sperm sample in the little cup before work. Everything was going well. My LH stick was just as strong/dark as yesterdays. I was excited for today’s IUI. BUT…I was so dumb and ruined the whole thing. I’m beating myself up now. Basically, I “thought” it would be smart to put those little hand warmer things (you know the ones? You take them out of the package and they get hot. You typically put them in gloves) around the sperm sample cup, then take them to the clinic. I also held the container close to the vent in my car, and turn the heat on high, hoping to also keep the sperm warm.

Duh. So stupid.

Mike has to do the sperm sample b/c he works 8 am – 5 pm. That is why we didn’t go in-person to the fertility clinic (which is what they actually recommend) to give a sample. Anyways, I dropped off the sample, then ran some errands. I left my cell phone at home. Bad idea.

When 9:05 am rolled around, I just headed straight to the clinic. Little did I know, until I checked in, that the receptionist said she’d called me…twice. The moment she said that, I knew something was wrong with the sperm sample. I asked, and she said “well, that’s what wrong?” She then asked me how I transported the sample. I told her I kept it warm with the hand-warmers and asked if I may have kept it too hot. She didn’t respond, but said that it had condensation in it, and basically it was/is ruined. I almost started crying right then and there. She asked if Mike could get off work and give another sample. I said I’d try (he works an hour from the clinic). I immediately called him from their conference room and let’s just say, I couldn’t help by allow the tears to come. I did what I could to leave a voice message asking if he could get off work. Unfortunately, he sometimes doesn’t have his phone on him (it’s the type of work he does), and I knew that. I left him a text message, too. I was broken. I still am really beating myself up. It’s costly to go through a whole cycle of fertility meds and injections and then me…do this absolutely stupid thing. I should have left the sperm sample “as is” without trying to keep it artificially hot/warm. It would have been fine, just in the little container, at a room temperature while driving it there. I am completely humbled. Who am I to think that I knew better? Who am I to think I was some type of expert or scientist that figured that keeping it super hot.



All I can say is that I’m going to try to see if he can make love with me tonight. Maybe we can “catch” my eggs. I want to have faith. Oh, God! Please help me have faith!

Unfortunately, he’ll have less sperm/semen b/c he gave his sample this morning.
I’m just really torn up. I made such a dumb and costly mistake. So there it is.

I was broken.

However, I talked to Mike about an hour after I got home. He called and apologized for not being able to answer his phone or call sooner. He was out and about at work. He encouraged me and said not to give up. He reminded me that it’s not over yet. Yes, I’m in my “peak” ovulation right now, but that the fertile time window is still open. He assured me we’ll make love tonight and tomorrow.

His text message was beautiful. He said:

“We will make this work. I love you with all my heart. Don’t worry, we will make love and God will give us a child. I’m so sorry. We will make love a lot tonight and tomorrow.”

Dear Lord in Heaven, May Mike’s words come true!



* * * * * * * * * *


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