My Dream…

I thought I would share a vision I had recently. I believe the timing of it (a few days ago) is important. I took my trigger shot on Tues 2/21 and am having my IUI tomorrow 2/23. First, before I explain it, I wish to mention a few things:

1.) I am not a typical “woo-woo” New Age-y, Dream-Interpreting Hippie.

2.) It’s my husband whom actually tends to have more dreams, and also more “prophetic” or symbolic dreams than I do. I think God simply speaks to him through dreams more than he does with me.

Okay, that being said, I think that God knew/sensed I needed some type of “vision” let me know good things are about to happen and to reassure my spirit.

I’ll explain now…

* * * * * * *

In my dream, I am standing at the foot of a beautiful mountain in the distance. Two large hands come down from Heaven, like the gentle, strong hands of God. The right and left hands. They are cupped and open. A baby appears in each hand. A boy in one and a girl in the other. Somehow I know that they are mine/ours (my hubby and me). The babies are smiling and happy. The hands genltly place them on the top of the mountain. The little baby boy smiles, giggles and looks at me lovingly. He looks playful and smart, yet kind-hearted and courageous. I look at him back, grinning with joy. The little baby girl is adorable and has a sweet personality. She looks creative and compassionate. She also smiles and giggles.


I somehow know that my babies are preparing for their journey to me.

Yet, each baby is wearing a heavy backpack. Each pack is filled with all that I expect motherhood to bring me. I see such items as: self-esteem, success, identity, purpose, and worth.

I breathe in and out. I know, sense and feel that I do not need to depnd on the babies to deliver any of these items to me. I know that I have them all within myself already.

Now, I see Gods hands gently remove the backpacks from the babies. For each one, he hurls the backpack off into the distance to the sides of each baby where they are washed away in a giant waterfall.


I suddenly know that both of my babies are now free to set out on the journey to me without excess luggage. I am elated and feel a deep sense of relief and peace.

The hands then pick up each baby and deliver them into my belly. I look down and then see my large pregnant bump. I smile with sheer joy. Then, I see myself holding 1 baby in each hand/arm  after they are both born. I am breastfeeding them, one on each side.

God’s hands gently pat me on the head and whisper that I’ll make a great mother and that He will always be with me as I parent the babies. I bow my head and softly thank Him.


The vision then ends, I breathe and open my eyes.


* * * * * * * *

What is my strongest feeling in this dream? Is there an image that evokes and intense emotional reaction? Is it a feeling I’m not ordinarily aware of? Is the Giver of my dream/vision (God) asking or inviting me to a new way of seeing my circumstances?

I believe this dream and what God is trying to tell me. He told me that we will get pregnant, I will give birth, the babies will be healthy and happy, and I will be too. I will love them with all my heart, and they will love me/us. The dream told me to hang-in-there because I’m/We’re about to be deeply blessed. The dream told me that I’ve let go of what I needed to. That it was important to have this dream/vision before I get pregnant. It was to prepare my soul/spirit/mind/body and know that I’ll remain new/happy/healthy for myself and baby for years to come. The dream meant I’m entering a whole new (and wonderful) way of living.

* * * * * * * *


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