The Wait…

I had heard a great quote while listening to a podcast. It went something like this: “Waiting is hard. But waiting prepares us to grow. Then, we grow. Then, after we grow to a point, we are able to take action.”

The time between my IUI and when I got my beta blood pregnancy test at FTC was good, yet challenging (mentally and emotionally). In this post, I’ll touch-on the things I did to prepare my body and also nourish my body for baby both pre-IUI and post-IUI. I’ll discuss supplements, using HCG strips, Progesterone, and more.

First, when my husband and I made love, I used two sperm friendly lubes: Conceive Plus and Pre-Seed from Amazon. You can read about the medical and technical details that contribute/benefit conception. I highly suggest them, as they change the environment of your uterus to be sperm friendly.


Before I even went to see Dr. Craig, I had learned of Pregnitude, and began taking a packet a day. It is sold as a box of 60 packets. It’s a powder that you can easily put into a drink. I had it with breakfast. I bought it on Amazon and according to the description “Pregnitude is a reproductive support dietary supplement that provides supplemental support to the inositol your body naturally produces and Folic acid a valuable vitamin for women seeking to become pregnant. Pregnitude contains 2 grams of Myo-inositol the nutritionally active form of inositol and 200 micorograms of Folic acid to support ovulatory function and quality of eggs for women seeking to get pregnant.”


I also took Pregnenolone in the Fall prior to starting my fertility treatment. I had read that it would increase the progesterone and estrogen hormones naturally. I’m not totally sure if it had a positive effect (since I was taking so many other things), but I’m just sharing this in case you want to check it out. I took this one and this one.


After I received my positive pregnancy test results, I decided to take all my fertility medications lying around and put them all in one spot. I didn’t just want to discard the boxes and containers of the medications that helped me become pregnant. I figured that one day (when they were old enough to understand), I’d like to tell and show our children the process of how we conceived/they were made. So, I made a “Fertility Memory Box” where I put everything in it. I simply wrapped an empty box with gift wrap, labeled it and put everything inside:



As I noted my last blog post, the nurses at FTC reminded me to be sure to take my Progesterone Cream. I used 10% Progesterone VaniCream and applied it once a day, at night before bed. It’s inserted with a little applicator into the vagina.


Right after the IUI, I began eating fresh pineapple about twice a day. I also took 2 x Bromelain 500 mg; 1 capsule at breakfast, 1 at dinner. I learned about Bromelain from a women’s discussion on an online fertility forum.  Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples. According to this page, it acts as a blood thinner and during those months of “trying” is that they drive blood to the uterus, encouraging sticky embryos and reducing the chances of miscarriage. Bromelain also functions as an anti-inflammatory means that it has promising benefits for your immune system, possibly preventing implantation issues.


I had a reader ask me what supplements I took (and still take) daily. Ha ha! I actually take quite a slew of vitamins and powders. I’ll admit, I probably didn’t/don’t need to take all of this, and you certainly don’t need to either. Just pick and choose. However, I’ll discuss everything I am taking and you can make the decision about what you’ll choose to purchase.

*Next:  More Supplements and Great Pregnancy Podcasts…

* * * * * * * *


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