Seeing A Fertility Specialist…

In my last blogpost, I left off discussing how my period still hadn’t returned. My ob/gyn had recommended one of the best in the Phoenix area, Dr. Randall Craig. Today I’ll continue the story…

* * * * * * * *


I remember being so nervous when my husband and I went to our first appointment to meet with Dr. Craig two weeks before Thanksgiving. But he was very friendly and welcoming.


Immediately, I knew he was also incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable about fertility. By the time Mike and I sat in the chairs in front of his desk inside his beautiful office, I had been wrestling internally for weeks with thoughts that I’d never become pregnant. I struggled with thinking I was a lost cause, broken, defective. That my under-eating had done permanent damage and that infertility was the consequence/punishment for my lack of nourishing myself properly for years. But Dr. Craig’s organized, methodical, wise yet warm and assuring demeanor made my ever-despairing heart believe that maybe…just maybe…he could help us get pregnant.

The first thing Dr. Craig did was take an ultrasound of my uterus and ovaries. Fortunately, everything checked out well. However, he noted that I had several immature follicles hanging out in each ovary. He explained that he was adding the diagnosis of PCOS onto already having HA (Hypothalamic Amennorhea). PCOS is common in women who haven’t had a regular period for 1+ years. (With PCOS, a woman has multiple follicles inside their ovaries that have never matured or ovulated). Other than these two diagnoses, he noted my uterus was also wide enough to carry multiples. That was neat to know at the time.


He also noted my hormone levels were fairly good. My stats: Thyroid –  1.8, Prolactin 8.2, AMH was great meaning I had enough eggs for at least 2 more years of trying. My FSH was 7.9 and LH was 1.8 so the ratio was “off.” However, he said we could work with these results, and none were too concerning.

The first protocol Dr. Craig wanted me to take a regular birth control pill to get my body to believe it was cycling again. Each day I took a pill, I prayed that by the 4th week (the no-hormone/sugar pill week), I would indeed have a blood-flow/period. Fortunately, I did! That gave me the first boost of hope.

*Next: Cycle #1...

* * * * * * * *

Have you ever been diagnosed with HA, PCOS or gone any period of time without a period? What were your initial thoughts and feelings? Were you worried? Did you just leave it alone? Did you address it/fix it immediately?


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