The Beginning…

Over the course of the next several blogposts, I am going to publish my fertility treatment story. I’m dividing them up because I realized that if I posted the whole thing in one shot, it would be far too long. If there is anything you relate to, please be sure to comment or contact me!

* * * * * * * *

The Beginning…

In August 2016, it had been a year since we had married. We had not been using family planning methods (condoms, birth control, etc) at all since marrying, but we had also not been tracking anything since I hadn’t had a normal period in years. I figured since I wasn’t having a menstrual cycle, I couldn’t become pregnant. But by this point, we seriously discussed starting a family.

On a podcast I had recently listened to about another woman’s experience with infertility who recommended the book “No Period, Now What” written by author Dr. Nicola (Nico) Rinaldi.


I bought the 500+ book on Amazon and read it within 3-weeks. I devoured and absorbed the information, making notes and bookmarking several spots along the way.

Basal Body Temping

Along with this, I purchased a Digital Basal Thermometer to measure my BBT or Basal Body Temperature and Cervical Fluid (CF).


I learned that observing our external fertility signs of BBT and CF would track what hormones were doing and help me determine my fertile window, if I was having one at all.


I desperately wanted to know why I hadn’t gotten a period in years. I found and printed out worksheets online on BabyCentre UK tweaked them for my own personal temperature profile. I used these to write-in my daily temperatures:


However, you can use a special App/Online site at to input your daily BBT:


I also bought a Clearblue Fertility Monitor and the Test Sticks for it. However, I didn’t immediately start using this since I knew I wasn’t ovulating yet.


*Next Post….”Seeing an OB/GYN and Eating More…”

* * * * * * * * *

Did you read Nico’s book, buy or use any of these products, and/or track your BBT?


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